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Bunched Up Lunch

Zac Butler

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Waiting through the ten minute line to get food is an everyday occurrence for most students. Some students who are to antsy for lines will sometimes cut the entire line to order food first. The system of lining up and creating a giant chaos ball of students in the middle of the lunchroom needs to be fixed.

Waiting in line for ten minutes to grab your food and then spending an extra five minutes to grab condiments, pay, and find a seat are all wasted time where you could be eating. This needs to change because it doesn’t help the students get food quick and it can create large amounts of traffic in the middle of the lunchroom. I’m guilty of cutting in line just as much as the next guy, the “Senior Seniority” idea has really taken effect, especially in the lunchroom.

A way to stop this madness can be from creating four lunches, having more check out stations, or having more people in the back serving food to each line. Hiring one more person for each side of the lunch line would be very helpful. It would create a more fluid pace for the line to move at. Also, creating a fourth lunch would be helpful but also challenging to work around schedules, it would make for fewer students in one lunch room at a time. Another option is to make another register station to make paying quicker, or to have one line meant for students that pay with cash and another register for students that pay with cards.

The lunch lines aren’t completely horrible, but during lunch they can get very long. Creating another lunch hour, more registers, or more men and women to serve food would be helpful to the process of buying food.  


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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Bunched Up Lunch