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Red Polos

Maria Clay

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Not everybody loves to follow the dress code! Many of the students hate it, so what about introducing a new dress code policy where senior students can wear their red shirts any day of the week as a privilege of being a senior student! Is that a fantastic idea or not? Well, for sure seniors students will think it is a great idea!

Also, The school should make make this new policy even better introducing a special color shirt for each grade, so those students will have the flexibility to wear their shirt any day of the week too! School is a place where students spend most of their day, so why  not make their time a little bit special, and easy going. For example, those days where students don’t have their dress shirt ready, or don’t feel like wearing a dress shirt, that is the perfect time to wear the special shirt! Their red or any other color polo shirt. This way, the students have more options on what to wear to school.

Well, this is just a thought! Just putting a voice out there, and figuring out how to accomplish this wish!

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Red Polos