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Red Shirt Controversy

Riley Hyroop

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While the red shirts are an exciting privilege for all seniors, some are frustrated with how they can only wear the shirt the school provides. Aside from the positives that it makes students match and not have to worry about buying their own, it is hard for some to only have one and keep track of it, as well as some not knowing how to feel about the new material.  

In past years, senior shirts were bought at uniform stores around Tulsa. Any red, Bishop Kelley logo polo could be worn, despite having different fabrics and an array of reds. But, the plus was you could own as many as you wanted, and wear hand-me downs. Some seniors are upset with the fact they only have one to choose from, or that they don’t flatter everyone.  Senior Catherine Easterling misses the old rules.

“Girls don’t look as good as boys in dry-fit, it shows our bra lines. They’ve been allowed to wear them in the past so we should be able to as well,” Easterling said.

The topic of the shirt not fitting girls as well as boys is a largely popular opinion. Some have a hard time figuring out how to wear them and not looking swallowed, or feeling uncomfortable with the new material. Senior Isabella Desbarres is one of many who doesn’t like the fit of the shirts.

“Yes, I do think we should be allowed different shirts. Because right now we have men’s shirts and they do not fit the girls the way they should and the material isn’t really for girls,” DesBarres said.

But for some students it isn’t just about the fit or material. It is about their older siblings that have graduated from Kelley.  Senior Emily Ervin is one student whose mind is on the side of the passed down shirts.

“If older siblings had them and we still have them we should be able to use them…the whole point is to differentiate the seniors which they do too,” Ervin said.

So, even though all seniors love this privilege, some of the opinions should be taken into consideration to further the desire for this tradition.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Red Shirt Controversy