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Who Should Replace Father O’Brien

Weston C. Elder, writer

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This month we learned our beloved school president Father O’Brien is leaving Bishop Kelley. Most people are shocked and sad that he is leaving but who is going to take his place as our president?  That person has big shoes to fill.

Perhaps one of our priests will take his place or maybe someone from outside of the school community.  Dean of students, Mr. Jeff Pratt has faith in the process.

“I believe Bishop Konderla, Superintendent Pohlman, and Mr. Franz are working together to develop a plan to identify the very person to lead Bishop Kelley into our next chapter.  I am confident that we will have some excellent options,” Pratt said.

Principal Jim Franz  believes the process is already underway.

“Based on conversations with Bishop Konderla, that an interim president will be named for the spring semester, then a permanent person to start in July 2018,” Franz said.

Students like Sam Alaback is still coming to terms with Father O’Brien’s departure.

“I don’t know who should take father’s place,” Alaback said.  “It’s just weird thinking he won’t be here, and that person sure does have huge shoes to fill.  I just hope whoever is chosen is the best choice for us.”

Who’s going to take Father’s place?  Will they fill those giant shoes that Father has created? Maybe it should one of our priests who knows our school more than someone outside would.


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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Who Should Replace Father O’Brien