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Chromebooks at Bishop Kelley

Claire Gentling

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    Technology is trending all over the world and is changing the way we do many things. Bishop Kelley just started following this trend by giving every student a Chromebook that they can do many things on. The chrome books are really great for doing different things for school on. Some students abuse the power the Chromebook gives them but for the most part they are smart with them.

“Technology is really taking over our world and it could be good or bad depending on the way we use it.  Chromebooks are a huge improvement on Bishop Kelley.” Cooper King (9) said.

    The Chromebooks are great for doing homework and for typing different projects. Students can also email each other to communicate and they can check their grades. Also instead of students having to take home and to class their heavy textbooks and binders, they can take a computer to do their work.

“I like the Chromebooks a lot because they are easier to carry around and easier to do work on,” Grace McCoy (9) said.

    But sometimes, it is too good to be true.When your Chromebook is not charged that can be a huge problem, especially if you do not have a charger.

“Dropping my Chromebook is a huge fear of mine and it’s so easy to do,” Riley Redman (9) said.

If your Chromebook were to be stepped on or dropped and broken that would be a huge problem because you will have to pay for a new one. If someone steals your Chromebook or knows the password to different accounts that you own that could result in people messing with things that you have set on there and could put things online that could get you into a lot of trouble.

”The Chromebooks can be useful at times but most of the time they load things slow and that is very frustrating to many students,” Ben Bernard (9) said.

A solution would be for the school to block just about everything on the computer that does not help with school and watch to make sure kids are not abusing them.


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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Chromebooks at Bishop Kelley