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Men’s Volleyball Team

Katherine Barlow

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Alabama, Texas, and 20 more states have men’s high school volleyball teams. In the United States alone, there are 82 colleges that offer scholarships to men’s volleyball. Other schools in Oklahoma in the past, such as Jenks winning a state title in 1978, has had men’s volleyball teams.  School president, Rev. Brian O’Brien, explains the possibilities of men’s volleyball at school.

“Since men’s volleyball isn’t an OSSAA approved sport in Oklahoma, we would have to make it a club instead of a sport. It would be more of a Lacrosse type situation, but they could use our facilities and gear in our name,” O’Brien said.

Although it might be tricky trying to get the sport approved, boys like Braden Hudgins (11), are willing to sign up and play.

“I’ve wanted a men’s volleyball team forever. I would be the first to sign up, mainly because I got hops. Volleyball is a fun and competitive sport that I think a lot of guys would enjoy playing,” Hudgins said.

Due to Kelley’s spirit, another sport would only make a great addition.  Chris Kendrick (11) thinks the school would embrace a men’s team.

“Bishop Kelley is known for have a fun spirited community, and adding men’s volleyball would be a great addition,”  Kendrick said.

All in all, before volleyball could be approved as a sport for the Comets it would have to be a club first. Nevertheless, it would be a fun activity for the male aspiring volleyball players.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Men’s Volleyball Team