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Sweet Seats

Caleb Fuqua

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Chairs are a versatile object, coming in various forms. You have stools, benches, rocking chairs, bean bags and a variety of others. The problem is why doesn’t the school utilize that diversity. In almost every classroom we have the same boring blue chairs with a brown desk attached. The ones that don’t have this though have similar chairs, without the desk.

People would argue that this is because it is easy and simple, just have uniformity. Others say it’s cheaper to just get the same chair about 1,000 times. There is some truth to the cost argument, but students shouldn’t be confined for an hour and 30 minutes in the most uncomfortable seats; there should be at least some choice besides the same one.

Many schools have been add a variety of seats in their classes to give it a more comfortable feel. Instead of just the regular desks and chairs, they get chairs such as bean bags or couches, to make doing school work comfortable.

A study by Concordia University(Oregon) revamped a classroom with different furniture, art, plants and other roomy objects to make the room into a much more interesting classroom. They then tested 25 first graders in this classroom and the results came out that their creativity and work ethic was improved. This is called “The Living Room Effect.” Where making a space more comfortable makes a person feel much more at ease, allowing them to do better.

Now most classrooms do projects to decorate the walls with art, but there is barely any plant life or variety in seating choice, giving a distaste to the hard blue chairs in the classrooms. So there should be a variety in chairs, preferably veering away from the norm of the blue chair. Add some different chairs such as bean bags or cushioned chairs; decorate the room with different types of furniture. Add some choice in student’s seating options.  

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Sweet Seats