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8 & 8 policy

Kylee Riggs

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The 8 & 8 policy should take into account if you can not be at school for reasons such as in the hospital, out on recovery from a concussion, or someone has died in your family. The reason why it should change is because you can’t help the days that you are gone from school and you physically can not go to school. Your 8 & 8 days should not be taken away for something that you can’t control. People understand that the reason we have 8 & 8 is because we do not miss a lot of school, but things such as breaking a bone or having to go into surgery is something that your 8 & 8 should not go against. Maddie Brown (11) thinks 8 & 8 encourages the wrong behavior.

“I understand why we have 8 & 8 and it’s nice that we don’t have to take 4th quarter finals but then again it prevents people on missing school when they should. I mean I have not been feeling good the past two days, but I knew that I couldn’t miss school because I have already missed 4 days this year.”Brown said.

Most kids think that it’s a great idea but with the way that they rules are that’s what just makes it a little unfair when it comes to kids who aren’t trying to miss school, but they have to for medical reasons.  So things like this just make it unfair that they have to take 4th quarter finals when there is nothing that the student could do for missing school. It would be nice to see a change in the 8 & 8 policy, but if not it’s understandable because the school has rooms and we just follow them.

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8 & 8 policy