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School Lunches

Elizabeth Bockmeulen

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The school lunches in the cafeteria are amazing, but some of the students could get tired of having the same thing every week. The lunches at the beginning of the week to the end go from good to delicious. The best lunches during the week either have to be Wednesday’s chicken or Friday’s pizza. Lunches should change up a bit every quarter so that the students would have different things for lunch. Many students are allergic to the food in the cafeteria so they have to bring their own lunches. The cafeteria need to serve food that the people who are allergic to some types of food can get something from there. The food is very good but they really do need to change the food up. The cafeteria will hopefully do different food for their lunches later on. For right now, the students will continue have the same food that the cafeteria or what the cafe has to serve.

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School Lunches