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Dressing for Finals

Brennan Whalen

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Tired, almost done with school, and long nights. These are all characteristics of finals week. Finals week is brutal for kids. A lot of homework is needed to be turned in and studying is a must for some. Although, finals is hard the staff still wants students to wear uniforms on the two days of finals. Finals, should be a comfy environment where students should be able to relieve some stress and not worry about what they are wearing the next day.

“Free dress is a way of expressing themselves as whole to the people around them,” Ana Marfechuk said.

Free dress on finals wouldn’t just relief some stress, it can also show who people are. Tate Naumann would like to come to school dressed as he rolls out of bed.

“Students should be allowed to wear what they want on finals because it is one less thing you have to worry about on finals day,” Naumann said.

Lastly, teachers have to wear normal clothes like students do but finals day isn’t as stressful to them as it is to us. This should mean that students should get free dress because if they have a stress free environment they should at least take a little stress off of the students back when they take finals.

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