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Catholic Schools Week Should be More Like Homecoming Week

Aubrey Bailey

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Homecoming week, a time for schools to celebrate the upcoming homecoming dance where students can dress up according to the daily or weekly theme. Catholic schools week is a time for students at Catholic schools to celebrate their Catholic education. To get students more into celebrating their Catholic Education, Catholic Schools weeks should be more like Homecoming week.

Many schools celebrate each week differently and with many different events and daily themes with one over-all quote for the week. Catholic schools that do not have a high school use Catholic schools week as their homecoming week. The School of Saint Mary is a Catholic middle school that takes part in Catholic Schools Week. Students at Saint Mary have a daily theme that reflects the weekly goal.

While schools without a high school celebrate Catholic Schools week similarly to high schools and homecoming week, schools with a high school do not take advantage of Catholic Schools week because they have homecoming week.

Almost all high schools that have a homecoming dance for students have a homecoming week to get students hyped about the dance. Each day, students can dress up according to the daily theme and each theme, like Catholic Schools week, relates back to the theme of the dance.

This year, Saint Mary had a dress-up day from Monday to Thursday. One day was athletic wear, another was Spirit wear, one day was pajama day, and the last day was crazy hat day.

While middle schools had a great time celebrating their Catholic Schools week, high schools, like Bishop Kelley, only had two dress up days and the weekly quote or theme to think about throughout the week.

Yes, the students have two homecoming weeks and plenty of dress-up days to get hyped up for the homecoming game and the dance, but the school should also have Catholic Schools week be more fun and festive, like homecoming weeks, to get students hyped about their Catholic Education.

With each themed day, students could get a dress-up day, have a collection for a cause, or even just an activity during class, passing periods, or lunch, students will get more excited for their Catholic Education and learn to grow more in it as well.

Having students grow in their Catholic faith is the main goal of Catholic schools, so to get students more excited to celebrate their faith Catholic Schools week should be celebrated more like Homecoming week.

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