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Free Dress Fridays for All

Sabina Martindale

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Uniforms, they’re a constant when attending private school, but what if each Friday you were able to dress any way you wanted? The school administration should allow all the students to wear free dress each Friday. Historically, school uniforms have been known to restrict students’ freedom of expression. Although school uniforms promote a more academic atmosphere, they emphasize more on conformity than individuality. School uniforms should not be abolished entirely, but students should be given day where they don’t have to follow the normal rules. Free Dress Fridays should still follow the normal free dress day dress code, such as no ripped jeans, no spaghetti straps, shorts/skirts no shorter than 5 inches above the knee, and no hats. However, the most important reason of all that Free Dress Fridays should be a new policy is because the students want it. As a way to make Bishop Kelley truly ‘The best High School in Oklahoma’ the administration should implement this.

Many other schools across America have implemented a free dress program. In most schools it has improved attendance and grade scores. Although Bishop Kelley has monthly free dress days, they have not said anything about Free Dress Fridays.

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Free Dress Fridays for All