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Leggings – We Need ‘Em!

Sarah Ray

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With Oklahoma’s wacky weather swirling around us, school administrators should make a change in the policy that bars girls from wearing leggings with their skirts.

Let’s face it, girls get cold.  That’s no surprise, when you’re wearing skirts in a state where it can be as low as -12 degrees Farenheit in the winter. But allowing girls to wear leggings with their skirts could change all that – or at least be a step in the right direction.

Currently, dress code policy states that girls are not allowed to wear “legwarmers, long or thermal underwear, or tights” under their skirts, according to the BK Parent Student Handbook.  Mr. Jim Franz, Bishop Kelley’s principal, says the rule isn’t set in stone.

“I actually think there’s openness to that [being changed], if it could restrain from moving into those other [types of pants],” Franz said.

    He also said his main concern, and probably the reason the rule was made in the first place, is that allowing leggings could lead to girls wearing sweatpants, yoga pants, and more, rather than just leggings with skirts.

And girls do have the option of wearing khaki pants rather than a skirt, but not many do.  Nancy Nguyen (9) says most girls just don’t want to stand out.

“I think girls prefer to wear skirts [rather than] pants mainly because of judgment,” Nguyen said. “I feel like girls wear skirts [to enhance their] outer appearance.”  

And that’s probably true. The majority of girls wear skirts, so girls who might otherwise wear pants don’t want to go against the norm. And those who do wear pants are judged for being ‘tomboys’ or having no ‘fashion sense’.  But wearing skirts with leggings is the perfect solution. Girls don’t get judged, and still stay warm.

Some girls have already taken action by wearing leggings (among other pants) under skirts on below freezing days.  Even though they know they’ll get in trouble, they still want to stay warm. Shouldn’t girls be allowed to wear leggings, so they can stay warm and keep their self-esteem?  

A new rule needs to be made in the handbook.  Something like, “Girls may wear navy-blue, black or gray leggings (not sweatpants, yoga pants, pajama pants, or anything see-through or lacy) under their skirts on cold days.”  That way, girls will stay warm.

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