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Is homework doing more bad than good?

Daniela Pallares

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Is Homework doing more bad than good?

Is homework doing more bad than good? Thousands of students and parents agree that students shouldn’t get homework. Studies done throughout the last few years show that homework causes students to become very stressed suffer depression and anxiety.

Although homework helps students retain what they learned better, it is better to not have  homework. Students are at school 6-7 hours per day and they learn during that time. When they get home they are exhausted, and they already have to work on all the homework that they were assigned. Students throughout the school agree that homework is doing more bad than good. Ava Schneeberg (9) has struggled with the amount of homework she has done through her school years and she believes that school hours are sufficient.

“ I believe that we have 7 hours of school and a hour and a half of class. We should have enough time to finish it in class and not have to take it home,” Schneeberg said.

Likewise,  students believe that homework is taking up their family time and causing the students to become sleep deprived. Students get home and they automatically have to start their homework just so they can get enough sleep for the next day. Plus homework causes extra stress in students who participate in after school activities. Students that have after school activities have very little time to do their homework and be with their family. School is for school activities and work, home is for spending time with your family and friends, not staying up all night working on unnecessary work for school that could be completed in class.

Kate Woodard (9) also believes that homework cuts into too much personal time.

“I believe that we are at school all day and that we should have a life out of school so homework shouldn’t be taking up our whole evening,”  Woodard said.

In conclusion many students  believe that the school should change the ways for homework to spend more time with our families.

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Is homework doing more bad than good?