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Off-Campus Lunch

Mary Jane Woodliff

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Blah is the only sound that comes to mind when there is mention of the same, old cafeteria lunch food. Every single week the menu goes without change: Monday is pizza, Tuesday is mystery meat, Wednesday is chicken, Thursday is hamburgers, and Friday is pizza.

However, there’s a solution to this boring schedule of a lunch. Upperclassmen should be given the privilege to get lunch off of campus; this would include only juniors and seniors on one specific day of the week.

This idea of venturing out for lunch would be a great addition for several reasons. One of the more obvious reasons is that it will offer a wide variety of lunch options. There are so many fast and yummy places within a couple miles radius of the school. The long list includes Chick-fil-A, Jimmy John’s, Cane’s, Smoothie King, Salata, and many more.

The already given forty minutes of lunch provides plenty of time to drive to and from these places; therefore, it perfectly fits into the schedule. No block changes or shifting of times will be needed.

Time management, self-control, and good behavior will also begin to develop as it would be very unfortunate to lose such a great privilege.

Help is needed for the local businesses around our campus by fueling up with delicious and different foods during lunch!

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