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Is Vaping Okay?

Ruthie Lieberman

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Is Vaping Okay?

High Schoolers all across the country are getting more and more addicted to nicotine. Why is this happening? They are using e-cigarettes which are meant as an alternative for adult smokers who are wanting to quit. The “vapes” these kids are using contain an extremely high percentage of nicotine, making it easy for a young kid to get addicted. Teens think that vaping makes them look cool and they get a small nicotine buzz off of it. Is popularity really worth the possible health problems this could cause? The answer is no. The major concern with vaping is that you don’t know exactly what you are putting into your body. Sean Sutton (9) used to have a different opinion on vaping but he has changed and he thinks that vaping is absolutely not okay for young people.

“Vaping is very bad and can hurt many people,” Sutton said.

Teenagers have become so addicted to the nicotine that they have started to vape in school. This could greatly affect their school work and overall grades.

Ava Schneeberg (9) is concerned about the health aspect of vaping and its possible consequences.

“It is bad for the soul and for your lungs and I think it could possibly damage brain cells,” Schneeberg said.

Karla Fortanel (9) thinks that vaping does not make you cool and is completely unnecessary.

“I think that people only do it because they think they’re cool and they really need to stop. You also don’t know exactly what you’re putting into your body and you don’t know what it could do to your body in the future because it has only been around for a little while,” Fortanel said.

Dean of Students, Jeff Pratt, stands behind Bishop Kelley’s tobacco-free policy and ultimately wants kids to make the right decision.

“There are more and more health risks being associated with vaping. When they were bigger and harder to conceal, we were more able to stay on top of it but it has been tricky since they’ve gotten smaller. But yeah, we’re really worried about everyone’s safety. The things we’re doing are basically trying to be vigilant, stopping in restrooms. I’m sure we’ll send out a more public address to parents and students about the concerns. It does fall right in line with our tobacco policy. A first offense is a $25 fine, second is a one day suspension and a $50 fine, we would also ask the student to process through some education. I hope that it is something that passes, just for everybody’s safety. We will continue to be vigilant and do our best to help people make good choices.” Pratt said.

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Is Vaping Okay?