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Remove 8×8 before it’s too late

Garrett Salyer

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Remove 8×8 before it’s too late.

Rewarding others has always been a way of promoting certain actions or behaviors. Whether it’s parenting, teaching, coaching, or even just trying to get a certain someone to do what you want, providing a prize can make others do what you please. The 8×8 system is put in place to encourage students to show up to class regularly as well as be on time. There are a few reasons that this system is hindering students.

The 8×8 system does not provide much breathing room. With illness, emergencies, and other unplanned events, school can often be missed. This can be unfair to students. When Camden Patovisti (11) was diagnosed with mono his junior year, he missed over 10 days of school. This made him take all of his finals of that year, even when he had 90+ in all 4 of his 4th quarter classes.

Another issue with this system is what encourages students to come after the 8×8 has been lost? When a student loses the privilege, for whatever reason, it may be hard to keep them motivated to not skip class or be late. Jake McMurray (12), provides another contrasting view with the system.

“It can exclude kids who don’t drive or live far away because sometimes it’s not their fault that they’re late,” McMurray said.

Parents are busy people just like students. Although showing up on time is expected, accidents do happen, and traffic does exist. For younger kids, parents of course have to take them. But upperclassman as well can rely on parent transportation of they do not own a motor vehicle.

The 8×8 system does reward certain students but does come with many consequences. Unreliable transportation, illness, and an all or none system makes for many errors.

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