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Summer Breaks School Work

Murisa Polk

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Summer break is coming, time to sit back and relax after being studious all year. At least until the summer reading list comes out for your new literature and Composition classes for next year. Students do not want to read and do the work that comes with a book over the summer break.

Books that are required reading are about World War II or the main classics; for example: To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher and the Rye, Of Mice and Men and more. Yes, while all these books are important to pass down to each generation, and for what they fought for during their time of being written. Books on war get really over repetitive and becoming very depressing. The book’s storyline is the same, there’s a character that has to go on a journey that could end in life or death while meeting new people along the way. Understanding that yes people back then actually went through this is terrible, but we have such a vast, different environment that we can make sure history does not repeat itself.

A way to change this is to propose that the freshman and sophomores still read the World War II books or read books on life decisions. To start and interest for future careers, and to get them started on what class to take to prepare them for that specific career. As time goes on, juniors can start reading books about career options and making life decisions. Moving into the senior year the student’s branch off of the junior year and continue about career options and college decision making books, helping them further step into their life after high school.

Giving students a chance to find a deeper and fun way to find and understand their future career makes it easier to continue forth in life.

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Summer Breaks School Work