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First Time Cheerleader, First Time Winner

Grace Arnold

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The early mornings, long cheer practices, the hours of hard work all lead up to this moments. As the girls walk towards the cheer mat the nerves become more intense and the anticipation for what is to come become clear around the room. As the girls make their way onto the mat all they can see is lights and their coaches, along with a gym full of cheering fans. This is the moments all of their hard work pays off.

Cheerleading is one of the most unrepresented and unknown sports at school. Many people do not know that cheerleading takes years of skill, technique, and talent to become the best of the best. Juniors Kristen Anthamatten, Reece Harrel, and Linsey Colpitts had to learn years of details in the matter of a few months for the State Cheer competition.

On Saturday, September 9th, the Bishop Kelley Spirit Squad won the first ever Game Day Cheerleading State Competition. Each girl put everything they had into the routine; but for Kristen, Reece, and Linsey, it took a little bit of extra focus and hard work.

These three juniors are participating in their first year of varsity cheerleading. Although, there are several other juniors on the team that all have a year on the squad under their belt.

Preparing for the competition required many hours before and after school of practice.

¨Some days we are practicing almost five and a half hours,” Anthamatten said.

The week team practices every morning starting at 7:15 am and three days a week after school, well into the evening.

Deciding to cheer their junior year was an easy decision for the three girls, but it brought several challenges to the cheer mat.

¨I was worried about being accepted because I had never done cheer before but everyone was very welcoming and encouraging,” Harrel said.

The entire squad is welcoming and does anything they can to help a newcomer along. Now that the girls have a year under their belt, they are excited about the competition season next year now that they know what to expect.

¨I will be less nervous and know where I stand on the team,¨ Colpitts said.

Being less nervous will help these newby juniors to have a fun and exciting senior year.

As the cheer team’s success continues to grow, the popularity of the program will continue to rise throughout the student body. Thanks to the three junior girls stepping outside of their comfort zones and joining cheer late in the game, the senior class next year will be even more unified next year giving the squad a great chance of doing well in competition.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
First Time Cheerleader, First Time Winner