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Underclassmen of Bishop Kelley Volleyball

Kat Barlow

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Heart pumping, hard breathing, and anxiety fill freshman Audrey Buford as she steps onto the varsity volleyball court for the first time.

This season boasts a large percentage of freshmen on the team.

“The atmosphere is really great” Buford said. “Being the youngest player on varsity is a bit nerve-wracking and challenging and the expectations are pretty high, but working through it with your team and overcoming a challenge is such a high. I really like playing with a totally new team.”

Also, being an underclassmen on a large team calls for keen attention to every single instruction and detail. Josie Alcott (10) sees another side of the team.

“You have to be very focused when you’re playing,” Alcott said.

Focus is a key element because volleyball is all about your mentality.

In addition, when the underclassmen transition into juniors, a large load of responsibility is transferred to them. The transition from being a follower to a team leader can be a stressful but awesome job. Team Captain Amanda Shildt (11) sees both sides of being a leader.

“Being an upperclassmen can be difficult sometimes because you have the pressure of being looked up to by the underclassmen, but it is also awesome because you have to opportunity to be a leader,” Shildt said.

The 2017 volleyball season will be full of new faces and skills due to the large percentage of underclassmen.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Underclassmen of Bishop Kelley Volleyball