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Upcoming Girls Tennis Team

Riley Redman

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While the girl’s tennis team is starting soon, players and coaches are preparing mentally and physically. Ladder matches are currently taking place to find future lineups that are best for the team. This season will be full of goals to achieve and hard work to accomplish for a successful season. Players, coaches, and parents are all looking forward to a great season.  While players have to be ready to compete, coaches also have to strategize with a game plan. Every coach has a different style, but girls varsity tennis coach, Coach Tasker simply wants the team to feel ready.

“My coaching style is pretty laid back. My goal is to have each player feel as prepared and comfortable as possible each time they step on the court. If the team is prepared, the wins will follow,” Tasker said.

To claim some titles, hard work and preparation will be a necessity this season.

“This year the team will prepare with practice everyday, private lessons, and strength and conditioning in the gym.” speaks the coach, “We will have duels, and participate in tournaments- all preparation for winning Regionals, and ultimately winning State,” Tasker said.

The girl’s tennis team has a lot of goals to accomplish this season. Giving 100% effort at all times will be the only way to achieve these plans. Commitment to working hard everyday will improve the skills needed for the future.  To fulfill the many goals of the season, players need to strive to meet the qualities the coaches are looking for. The coach has a few characteristics she believes makes a good team player.

“I am looking for a player who is willing to work hard, listen to suggestions, and be a team player,” Tasker said.

Coach Tasker has specific goals for the program.

“My goals are to send the most competitive team as possible to State to represent Bishop Kelley. I also would like each girl to improve their game, work hard, and have fun,” Tasker said.

School tennis is a team sport and teams need qualities that make them successful.

“The qualities of a good team are made up of solid tennis players, hard workers, girls with positive attitudes, and a little bit of good luck!” Tasker said, “Our team is pretty young and very supportive of each other.”

This season is coming fast and bringing lots of excitement and preparation.

“I am very excited for this year! Not only do we have very talented tennis players, we have really nice, positive, and all round great girls on the team this year” Tasker said, “I feel really blessed to get to spend each afternoon outside, playing a sport I love, with some of the best athletes at Bishop Kelley. I am all about girl power, and we can bring it this year!”

Coaches and players are both very excited about this season and what’s to come. Not only will players have many targets to aim for, but they will have fun at the same time, while remembering to represent Bishop Kelley as a team on and off the court.

Parents of the players also have thoughts on school tennis. Brandi Redman, former college tennis player and present tennis mom has a different perspective on the importance of sports.

“I think school tennis is a fun and great way to learn teamsmanship,” Redman said.

Players are all ready for the season and starting to set some goals to accomplish. Kate Miley, freshman tennis player, is ready for the upcoming season with Bishop Kelley.

“Qualities that make a good team are supportive teammates and kids who work hard.” “My goal as a team player is to win,” Miley said.

This season will be one to remember if the team prepares, works hard, and has fun doing what they love. Everyone likes to win, but you have to work hard and set self goals to achieve the title. Coaches and players will walk on every court with confidence this season, knowing that whatever you set your mind to, you can accomplish.

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