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Strikeouts and Walkouts

Miles Zeligson

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What is more important: baseball or education? According to TPS: baseball is more important. For nine days the teachers, parents and students walked out and protested the lack of teacher pay raises and educational funding. All academic activities and classes were suspended, while the athletics were not. In Oklahoma, it would appear that sports are more important than education. The Comet Baseball Team is in the same conference as some of the public schools. Senior Jake McMurray is trying to stay focused on the end goal.

“All we have to do is play the game and not worry about the other team’s situation,” McMurray said.

From the players’ perspectives, nothing really changes on the field. Coach Parks had another perspective on the matter at hand.

“Having to play against schools that have not been in school and only practice can make a huge change,” Parks said. “These kids don’t have the stress of homework or projects due. They are clear headed unlike our players who have the stress of school on their minds. It can really change a game’s speed and intensity dramatically.”

As Coach Parks said, a team that doesn’t have the stress of everyday school hanging on their shoulders creates a clear mind and can win or lose and game. In conclusion, the public school walkouts did not affect the sports aspect of Comet Baseball.


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Strikeouts and Walkouts