The Life Of a Multi-Sport Athlete


John Ho (11) (far right) lines up a bowling shot during practice. Ho has been practicing throwing the ball two-handed over the course of the season. “Two-Handed bowling brings a lot more excitement into the game, just watching the ball curve back for a strike is so satisfying, it keeps me motivated to keep bowling.” Ho said.

Ben Creider

6:30 A.M. alarm sounds, John Ho (11) struggles to jump out of bed, tired from all he has done the previous night. He grabs a glass of milk and gets ready to start the school day. Student by day, multi-sport athlete by night. Ho balances between the two, in order to stay successful and at his best. 

Ho’s daily school routine consists of going to Theology, Psychology, Honors English, and AP Physics. 

“It’s always great to challenge yourself when choosing classes, which is why I like to take college level courses.” Ho said. 

Currently Ho’s GPA sits at a 4.20 weighted, and he hopes to continue raising it.

Outside of the classroom, John is a member of the robotics team, where school teams go head to head. Where the teams build a robot, constructing and coding it to complete various different types of tasks. John has meetings each Wednesday for the team where he is a very important asset to the team.

 “This is my first year on the Robotics team. I am a builder and a programmer, right now we are building an arm that goes up and down (that) grabs and stacks blocks.” Ho said. 

Jose Garcia (11), a member of the Robotics team appreciates Ho’s efforts he contributes to the team.

 “Without John we wouldn’t have a robotics team, he plays a vital role on the team’s success.” Garcia said.

On top of Robotics, Ho also plays on the school’s Bowling Team. Originally Ho was seen as an average player, but he has worked up the ranks and is now a consistent varsity player on the team. John Musshafen (11), a member of the Bowling Team has seen Ho’s progression and his contributions to the team 

“He’s the most improved. I remember when he used to roll the ball straight he never did too good. Since he has switched to using two-hands his amount of strikes has exponentially increased and his average has upped drastically, he used to roll 70 pin games, not gonna lie. With some more practice he might get a (college) scholarship.” Mushaffen said.

What does he credit this improvement to you may ask? 

“Watching PBA, I enjoy PBA. I watch at least one match a day while I watch my physics videos.” Ho said.

 Ho has become an avid bowling fan and has modeled his game after an all time great Jason Belmonte. 

“Belmonte is my favorite player because he is a two-hander and he’s a good guy. He’s donated a lot of money to the Australian fires, and he’s the best bowler in the world,” Ho said. 

Belmonte is well known for his tactic of rolling the ball with two hands instead of one, and ever since watching these videos he has bowled two handed ever since.

John is one of the most important players on both the Robotics team and Bowling team respectively. He comes to a crossroad, both his Bowling team Regional Tournament in Checotah and his Robotics State competition in Weatherford fall on the same day, the 22nd of February. Both teams are depending on him to show up, but he can only choose one. For Ho it’s a decision that has been hard to make, but he’s going to the state Robotics competition this year. Jacob Visconti (10) a member of the bowling team will miss John’s presence.

 “It’s going to be hard to play without him at regionals, he’s been such a big part of the team this season his absence will definitely be noticed,” Visconti said.

Outside of being an important member of the clubs, he also has to balance out school with the amount of work he puts into his clubs.

“It’s a lot harder than you might first imagine, most nights of the week I don’t have to worry about balancing between the two, but both of my sports fall on Wednesday’s so a normal (Wednesday) night has me go to Robotics, then Bowling, and often times I will not be able to work out due to having to do homework before I fall asleep,” Ho said.

Ho has made it a routine to stay in shape, working out in his home gym every night he can. 

“I am a bodybuilder. I work out at home at least one hour a day to max one hour and a half, it’s great to stay in shape and it helps for bowling,” Ho said. 

Jackson Glanz (10) another bowler, thinks this also contributes to his success.

“Absolutely, working out definitely helps,” Glanz said.

And so Ho finishes his day as one should, finishing his homework and getting a good workout in. By now it is 11:00 p.m. he brushes his teeth, checks his phone one last time and falls asleep. Ready to have the whole process repeat again.