Day in Life of A Track Star


On a cool fall day the track field awaits for track season.

Sean Sutton

Being a high school track runner is harder than you think.  A track runner essentially does what other sports use as a punishment.  They run, and run, and run.

Bishop Kelley has won two regional championships in the last two years.  Despite their success in the region, they have not been able to win the state championship.  This year though, the team looks to win their first state championship.  Coach Frailey is the head coach and sprinting coach for the track team.

There are two different types of runners: distance runners and sprinters.  The distance team is made up of twenty runners.  Brady Voss, the top distance runner in the program, talks about his daily routine.

“I usually wake up at 5:30.  I go to Kelley and lift for an hour and a half which starts around 6:15,” Voss said. “After school is over, we have practice every day at 3 :15.  After this I head home and start on homework.  At around 6:15 I go to the club track at Jenks.”

As you can see Voss has a lot of running to do during the week.  All the runners on the distance team run a certain amount of mileage a week.  Ella Eureste, a two time state champion as a sophomore, talks about the Bishop Kelley track routine.

“Some weeks when we are working at more speed and than distance, we will run for about 30-40 miles a week,” Eureste said.  “This past week we ran for about 48, so it’s different depending on what we are working on.”

Sprinters and field events always practice after school.  They always work out right after school.

Even if the weather is too cold, runners always go to the cafeteria to do wall runs and other ab exercises.

Daniel Sullivan is a sprinter.  He has been running for three years now, and he believes eating right is very important with eating.

“You have to eat really healthy and drink a lot of water,” Said Sullivan.  “If not, running hurts much more because you are thirsty.  If you don’t eat enough you don’t have enough energy to finish the workout.”

Bishop Kelley will have their first track meet at Holland Hall on March 7th.